They Suit Up and Serve


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Police Officer Ashely Guindon, Killed, in service to us all.                                                          Photo Cliff Owen, AP

Blasted from us.

She was among the few, the brave. She was a Marine, a cop.

She raised her hand and swore to defend America, she raised her hand and swore to protect Americans. She was willing to face ISIS in the Middle East or family CRISES here at home.

There are 324,000,000 Americans in our country. Less than one million Americans are Police Officers. Less than one percent of Americans serve in our military. These are all the few, the brave. They suit up and serve for us.

Some Americans take Police Officers for granted, some resent them, some even hate them. Yet they suit up and serve.

They get shot, stabbed, hatcheted, bitten and burned. Yet they suit up and serve.

Some see racial prejudice in every arrest where the cop is white and the arrested is black. Yet they suit up and serve.

Some Americans make videos of every police interaction, eager to detect and document any act of nonfeasance, misfeasance, malfeasance, or just inappropriate action.

Daily, our police officers are under ever more intensive scrutiny. Yet they suit up and serve.

One woman, fully aware of these circumstances decided to join the few, the brave…once again. She suited up in a uniform that was out-of-the-box crisp.

Then gunfire blew her off our planet.

Gunfire, first at a woman in her home, then at a woman officer…just one day on the job, one day in blue, one day in harms way. One woman rushing to protect another…blasted from her family, torn from her friends, ripped from all of us before she could ever know just one, thank-God-it’s-Friday. Before she’d have a one week anniversary on-the-job. Before she’d make her first arrest, before she saved a life.

Ashley Guindon final w credit IMG_2037.jpg

Police Officer Guindon, gone from all of us

May we respect and support those who serve America on our streets as we respect those who serve on foreign soil.

They all suit up and serve. For all of us.

Ashley Guindon 29 years of age. One of the few, the brave…gone…once again.

God bless them all.

God bless America.

Lee Winters

shedding a little light wherethesundontshine

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