The Infidels Among Us

Fashfiend Malik


On the way to the gym for a swim this morning I passed a lady at a school bus stop with her apparent six-year-old boy. The school bus was behind me and coming close to the stop just ahead. As I approached the stop the mom kissed the top of the knit hat the boy wore as she was sending him off for the day, perhaps with a silent prayer. Strange, I thought. He couldn’t feel that kiss through the hat. But then I thought, but he could feel the touch, he could feel her love.

It was a moment I like to capture with the camera of my eye, imprint it on the sensor of my mind. And so you must rely on my words, dear reader, and not some megapixel mix of form and color to bring you the moment.

Approaching the next stop with the bus still not far behind me, another mom stood behind a little girl of the apparent same age. This mom jumped up and down in exaggerated delight, a big smile spreading across her face, her eyebrows arched like a yellow McDonald’s icon, as if, “Yaaay, the bus is coming” to the absolute joy of the little girl.

Moms and their kids, so precious.

Then I thought of the mom who dropped her six-month-old daughter off at grandmas yesterday. Mom then went with Daddy to shoot and kill the sons and daughters of other moms and dads and the moms and dads of other little girls and boys. They were gathered in a rather large assembly at a center for the developmentally disabled, they were attending a Christmas party, you see.

But at least she was a caring mom, having dropped her precious one off at grandmas, making sure her little one was safe from harm. Is there a word more powerful than hypocrisy, I thought?


Yes, that’s what these killers are, apostates. They renunciate humankind, human-kindness. They are non believers of compassion, empathy, love of another. They would trample any Golden Rule, any peaceful coexistence, any hope.

They are the infidels of the human race, they would nullify the millennia of human progress since stone-age tribal warfare.

They would deny progress that brought us from the horrors of the crusades, the madness of the holocaust, the allied mass bombing of civilian human beings in WWII like Hiroshima and Nagasaki and Dresden. We have the armament to drop such hellfire on civilians and fighters alike today, some tyrants still do…but we do not. Most of humankind has moved on a bit from that, we’ve moved on a bit from at least that mass uncivil civilian terror.

But the infidels of humankind would not move on.

Can you say, “Great Satan” boys and girls?

Be well,


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  1. It is a very sad world we live in Lee. I actually had to turn off the news because I just couldn’t listen to anymore of the “guesstimations” of the news reporters. I wonder if they get paid by how any many words they say. I pray that someone will be able to find a solution to this madness soon and implement the solution. Be well Lee.


    • Janine,
      These are some troubling times, for sure. And I’m afraid these TV reports will be with us for many years. Might be as ubiquitous as our weather reports, “Here’s Brian with the latest shooting reports, both national and local. How’s it looking, Brian?” But this too shall pass. Humankind will find THE WAY.
      Be well,


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